Samyang AF 35-150mm F2-2.8 FE

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The Fast All-Rounder Zoom

Meet Samyang’s next-generation zoom lens!

The Samyang AF 35-150mm F2-2.8 FE has a maximum aperture of F2 at its widest and F2.8 at the telephoto end, which covers the five main focal lengths (35mm/50mm/85mm/135mm/150mm). With its wide zoom range, the lens is designed as a fast all-rounder that covers a broad range of shooting scenarios, from portraits to travel.

In addition, the excellent optical design of the lens provides superior resolution right to the edge, and the Linear Stepping Motor allows faster and more accurate AF performance.

With the addition of various video-specialized functions, the lens will satisfy both photographers and videographers. Dolly shot mode and Linear MF mode, which can be used with a custom switch, help you shoot more professionally.

Enjoy easier and more convenient photography and video shooting with Samyang AF 35-150mm F2-2.8.

Covering everything between 35mm and 150mm

Pictures of a women using the Samyang lens AF 35-150 F2-2.8 FE. The results are being compared at different focal lengths of 35mm, 85mm, and 150mm.

One lens for every scene

Samyang has moved a step forward with its second zoom lens to provide a more convenient user experience. The lens is remarkably versatile as an all-rounder with a fast maximum aperture and provides solutions for photographers seeking to avoid changing lenses. Whilst primarily designed for portrait photographers, the wide zoom range is also useful for everyone shooting commercials, events and travel imagery.

Nighttime image of London captured using the Samyang AF 35-150mm F2-2.8 FE lens.

Outstanding Resolution,
from corner-to-corner

With the latest optical design using special lenses for 12 out of the 21 total elements(in 18 groups), this lens demonstrates excellent optical performance throughout the zoom ranges from wide-angle to telephoto. When combined with Sony’s full-frame image sensor, the lens delivers superior sharp images from edge to edge. In addition, 'UMC (Ultra Multi-Coating)' technology is applied to minimize flare and ghosting, helping to produce natural and clear images.

Impressive bokeh with a bright F2-F2.8 aperture

A large aperture starting from F2 presents an attractive background blur to the image's out-of-focus areas. The lens effectively separates the subject from the background, using a shallow depth of field to capture a unique image in which the background is compressed. The clear and natural bokeh created by the 9 diaphragm blades makes it possible to capture beautiful night-time cityscapes.

tree girls captured using the Samyang AF 35-150mm F2-2.8 FE lens.

Optimized features for video shooting

Detailed view of Samyang AF 35-150mm F2-2.8 FE lens.

Enhanced Functionality with the custom switch & button

Custom switches and buttons allow the user to control the lens completely.

Dolly shot effect with Samyang AF 35-150mm F2-2.8 FE lens.

Easily be a professional videographer

Dolly Shot
The MODE 3 in MF position, you can easily take "Dolly Shot", a special effect you see in movies.

A professional dolly can be expensive and challenging to operate because you have to operate the focus ring and zoom ring simultaneously while changing the distance to the subject. In "Dolly Shot Mode", the focus ring and zoom ring are linked in the system so that users take dolly shot simply to operate the zoom ring.

Digital Par-Focal
After focusing on the subject in MF mode, the focus doesn’t require adjusting again, even when zoomed in or out. This allows filmmakers to reduce shooting time and allow accurate and stable shooting.

Premium and solid design

Constriction details of Samyang AF 35-150mm F2-2.8 FE lens.

Carry your lens around anywhere

The 'Hidden Red Ring', which upgraded Samyang's premium design to the next level, makes the lens even more attractive. In addition, by applying a metal barrel, the build quality was improved and the lens was made more robust. Considering the users’ shooting environment, the lens is designed to be weather sealed at the mount and throughout the body. Weather sealing is adopted to prevent damage or contamination from dust, light rain, and snow.

Model Name: AF 35-150mm F2-2.8 FE
Aperture Range: Wide: F2.0 ~ F16
Tele: F2.8 ~ F22
Lens Optical Construction: 21 Elements in 18 Groups
Special Lens: ASP 2, H-ASP 1, HR 3, ED 6
Coating: UMC
Minimum Focusing Distance: Wide: 0.33m (1.08ft)
Tele: 0.85m (2.79ft)
Magnification Ratio: Wide: 0.175x (1:5.7)
Tele: 0.18x (1:5.5)
Number of Blades: 9
Filter Size (mm): Φ 82.0mm
Maximum Diameter (mm): Φ 92.8mm
Mount: Sony FE
Angle of View: Full Frame: 61.8˚ (Wide), 16.4˚ (Tele)
APS-C: 43.3˚ (Wide), 11.0˚ (Tele)
Length: 157.4mm / 6.2in (Wide)
197.9mm / 7.79in (Tele)
Weight (without Lens Cap, Hood): 1,231g
Weather Sealing: Yes
AF/MF mode switch: Yes
AF Motor: Linear STM