Reunion Island w/ XP 14mm

Reunion Island w/ XP 14mm

Let me show you how beautiful my Reunion Island is taken with XP 14mm.

Hi, my name is Zamir, I’m based in Reunion Island, and as a landscape photography lover, you can’t imagine how grateful I am to be living there.
I started photography during an internship in India in 2011, I bought my first camera in order to immortalize my trip and… I totally fell in love with the possibilities offered by it and the way it satisfies my creative mind. I’m a Samyang ambassador since 2019 and through this post, I will show you how beautiful my island is.

You are probably wondering where it is…

Well, Reunion Island is a French department in the Indian Ocean, it’s located near Madagascar and about 175km far from Mauritius. You may be imagining rural villages and dirt roads… well, not exactly, as we are currently run by the French government, you will find a well-maintained highway and the French culture (kind of).

You can’t find anything more magical
than observing the night sky with billions and billions of stars.

And guess what… the sky in Reunion Island is perfect for that, it’s well known for its purity. You can spend countless hours observing the growing number of stars and galaxies and trying to imagine the immensity of the universe.

Reunion Island is well known for its history of volcanoes, yes, you read it right; volcanoes!

Quick history lesson: Reunion is a volcanic island composed of two massifs: one formed by an extinct volcano; Piton des Neiges, and another one, by an active volcano; Piton de la Fournaise. It’s one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

The whole atmosphere intensifies even more when it starts raining!

Waterfalls start pouring down everywhere and the ones that already existed get even bigger. This is when the island unfolds its true beauty.

Ok so let’s summarize, Reunion Island has luxurious primary forests with extraordinary and unique vegetation, lunar-like landscapes of the second most active volcano in the world … but we are missing something essential for an Island right? Yes, we also have many beaches. The weather is idyllic all year-round (26°C average) so the water is warm, and sunsets are unbeatable.

By Zamir Popat

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