AF 14mm F2.8 Canon RF

SKU SY86158

The World's First AF 14mm for RF mount


The world's first AF 14mm F2.8 for RF mount is designed for users to enjoy a broader perspective in mirrorless cameras. The compact lens design dedicated to mirrorless cameras is packed with 113.9 degree of broad angle of view and fast and precise autofocus function.

The World's First AF 14mm F2.8 for RF Mount

To meet the growing market for mirrorless cameras and user needs, Samyang introduces the world's first AF 14mm F2.8 lens dedicated to RF mounts. In addition to MF 14mm F2.8 and MF 85mm F1.4, you can meet Samyang Optics' optical technology with AF.

Compact Lens Design Optimized for Mirrorless Cameras

The compact lens design dedicated to mirrorless cameras eliminates the need for adapters, resulting in shorter flange back. Experience a compact mirrorless camera lens that is only 9.5cm long and weighs 484g.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens with 113.9 Degree of Angle of View

40 years of optical R&D technology has created the minimum distortion for this ultra wide angle lens. Enjoy a broader perspective of 113.9 degree with minimum distortion and deep and spacious image.

Outstanding Image Quality from Corner to Corner

Among 14 lenses in 10 groups, 6 special lenses are used to effectively adjust the light flow and reduce the abberation. 3 aspherical lenses, 1 high reflective lens and 2 extra-low dispersion lens provides impressive image quality from corner to corner of image.

Enhanced User Experience

This lens is the best partner for your outdoor photography with the enhanced features. Weather sealing protects the lens from dust, light rain and snow, AF-MF coverting switch enables you to capture the fine details and rear filter holder at the mount also gives you the choices of images you can create.


Aperture Range: F2.8 ~ 22
Optical Construction: 14 Elements in 10 groups, ASP 3, HR 1, ED 2
Minimum Focusing Distance: 0.2m
Mount: Canon RF
Angle of View 35mm: 113.9°
Angle of View APS-C: 89.8°
Length: 95.3mm
Weight: 484g