Samyang 135mm T2.2 VDSLR ED UMC


The ideal telephoto cine lens – Samyang 135mm T2.2

Samyang Optics 135mm T2.2 VDSLR ED UMC is a manual focus telephoto cine lens for full frame sensor sizes. It expresses vibrant color and soft out-focusing area which makes it the best lens to shoot portrait, night scenery, wild-life and journalism photography.

VDSLR Cine Lens Features

Samyang 135mm T2.2 VDSLR ED UMC allows more delicate video work with T number marks. The focus gear ring is installed for follow focus system. You may change the aperture quietly and smoothly with the uncoupled aperture gear rings. Also, distance scale and T numbers are marked on both sides of the lens for convenience.

Optical Features

Samyang 135mm T2.2 VDSLR ED UMC is a manual focus lens with a low T number. You may control the lens precisely when shooting under various exposure environment including relatively dark or too bright situations. This lens features 11 lenses in 7 groups especially including extra low dispersion lens (ED) to offer high resolution throughout the image. Ultra Multi Coating(UMC) of Samyang Optics is used to optimize the light penetration and minimizes flare and ghost. With such optical construction, it has 0.8m of minimum focal length to film subjects in near distance. Also, the floating type design secures as much light as possible and maximizes the resolution by minimizing spherical aberration and distortion.

Hardware Features

There are 9 aperture blades designed to be almost as a full circle when aperture is closed which expresses starlike ray clearly and beautifully. The frame of the lens is compact and solid since it is made of high-strength aluminum alloy so you can create trustworthy images. Also, detachable petal-shaped lens hood minimizes flare and ghost by sheltering lens from unnecessary lights.


Aperture Range T2.2 ~ T22
Optical Construction 11 Elements in 7 groups
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.8m (2.62ft)
Filter Size 77.0mm
Maximum Diameter 82.0mm
Mount Nikon F Canon EF
Pentax K
Sony A
Canon M
Fuji X
Samsung NX
Sony E Micro Four-Thirds
Angle Of View 35mm 18.8˚ 18.8˚ 18.8˚ 18.8˚ - - - 18.8˚ -
APS-C 12.4˚ 11.7˚ 12.4˚ 12.4˚ 12.4˚ 11.7˚ 12.4˚ 12.4˚ -
- - - - - - - - 9.5˚
Lens Mount to Front
119.6mm 122.1mm 120.6mm 121.6mm 148.0mm 148.4mm 140.6mm 148.1mm 146.9mm
820g 835g 825g 830g 845g 885g 835g 845g 840g
Gear Module 0.8mm
A 7mm
B 4mm
C 43.8mm
D 8mm 10.5mm 9mm 10mm 36.4mm 36.8mm 29mm 36.5mm 35.3mm
Focus Ring Diameter 81.6mm
Aperture Ring Diameter 70.4mm 73.6mm