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AF 12mm F2 Fuji X

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Fuji X







Get Into X Universe

The AF 12mm F2 X, Samyang's first autofocus ultra-wide angle lens for Fuji X-mount, is now available! Samyang, the master of wide angles, designed the world's first Autofocus 12mm lens compatible with Fuji X-mount to meet the Fuji X mirrorless digital camera users' consistent needs for a wide-angle autofocus lens. Capture the rich colors of Fujifilm to landscapes and snapshots with the advantages of the ultra-wide angle of view and the usability of the autofocus lens!

Wide-Angle Captures the Rich Colors of Fujifilm

The AF 12mm F2 X is a dream lens for shooting magnificent landscapes that go beyond the normal viewing angle, built with Samyang's optical design technology, advanced AF technology, and convenient functions. This 12mm focal length lens provides an ultra-wide-angle of view of 99.1° on the Fujifilm X mirrorless cameras. Now Fujifilm X photographers can create wide-angle landscapes and snapshots with the background landscape by taking advantage of wide angle of view.

Excellent Resolution in All Areas of the Image

You can take outstanding image quality landscapes and cityscapes with decreased optics aberrations thanks to the advanced optical design, incorporating 5 special glasses (1 H-ASP, 1 ASP, and 3 ED). This lens achieves exceptional resolution image quality from the center to the edges of the frame, even at F2 maximum aperture. The backlight haze is effectively decreased due to the 14-layer-special coating even with the small hood.
A Perfect Match to Compact Fujifilm X Mirrorless Cameras Compact & Lightweight Lens with New Modern Design

The AF 12mm F2 X lens has a length of 59.2mm (2.3in) and weighs just 212g (7.5oz), so it's a perfect match to compact Fujifilm X-Series cameras with a gimbal. The matte finish and the subtle red ring (dependent on viewing angle) give it a modern feel. Usability has been enhanced by considering not only the design but also the users’ shooting environment. There is a micro-patterned rubber focus ring, so it feels good to operate and there is also weather sealing and rear protective glass to protect the lens from light rain, snow, and dust.
X Mount Lens to Express Fujifilm's Own Look and Feel Anytime
Impressive Background Blur and Bokeh with Bright F2 Aperture

The AF 12mm F2 X lens uses a large-diameter aperture to provide smooth background blur. It effectively separates the subject and the background using a shallow depth of field to capture a unique image of an ultra-wide-angle in which the background is compressed. The 7-blades produce smooth and natural bokeh and impressive starburst effect.
Short Minimum Focusing Distance

The minimum focusing distance is 20cm (0.66ft), which is very short, so it can be used to capture much more, in a variety of ways. It makes it easier to take architecture shots in narrow spaces, food on tables, and pet images with exaggerated perspectives. Take a couple of steps closer to your subject and get creative images!
Fast and Quiet AF Performance

The AF 12mm F2 X tracks the subject accurately and quickly, whilst the AF operates quietly and smoothly in video recording mode. Samyang's Linear STM (Stepping Motor) satisfies both photographers and videographers with quieter and more accurate control of the larger and heavier focusing lens groups. In particular, it is advantageous for video shooting as this lens is suitable for use on a gimbal, in combination with the small and light Fujifilm X series cameras.


Model Name : AF 12mm F2 X

Aperture Range : F2.0 ~ 22

Lens Optical, Construction : 12 Elements in 10 Groups

Lens Optical, Special Lens : H-ASP 1, ASP 1, ED 3

Coating : UMC

Minimum Focusing Distance : 0.20m (0.66ft)

Magnification Ratio : X 0.09

Diaphragm Blades : 7

Filter Size (mm) : Φ 62.0

Maximum Diameter (mm) : Φ 70.0

Mount : Fuji X

Angle of view, APS-C : 99.1˚

Length : 59.2mm / 2.3in

Weight : 212g / 7.5oz

Weather Sealing : O

AF/MF mode switch : X

AF Motor : Linear STM

AF 12mm F2 X Compatibility Notice
Samyang AF 12mm F2 X is optimized for Fujifilm cameras featuring the X-Trans sensor in order to provide stable AF performance. Samyang does not guarantee the lens shall operate error-free with the cameras not included in the list below. Please note that the list may change through the firmware updates.

Camera Compatibility List
X-H1, X-S10, X-pro 1, X-pro 2, X-pro 3, X-E1, X-E2, X-E2s, X-E3, X-E4, X-T1, X-T2, X-T3, X-T4, X-T10, X-T20, X-T30


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AF 12mm F2 X
AF 12mm F2 X
AF 12mm F2 X